David Edwards travels the country full time, speaking to young adults in churches and a variety of other places.
Regardless of the setting, whether in the pulpit, on stage at a summer camp, in a large arena, at a City Wide Young Adult Bible Study, or in a high school, David's message is simple: Helping students and young adults discover the importance of a Christ-centered lifestyle.

A gifted communicator, David speaks from his heart about issues relevant to this generation.

He has been a featured speaker for City Wide Weekly Bible Study Groups in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Florida. Dave's ministry has been featured in issues of Sermon Notes.

Dave is the author of 14 books and has written a tract called "How to Make Life All Good." A collection of his messages are available on DVD.

David has a heart for young adults. He knows firsthand the world of this generation. He helps them discover the importance of a Christ-centered life style. David masterfully applies Biblical truths to current issues of the day in an honest, humorous, and understandable form.

David's mission is to reintroduce the truth of God's Word by meeting people where they are in life and bringing them one step closer to knowing and becoming like Jesus Christ.

A concise, printable bio is available here.

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